Monday 16 September 2019


LOC President: Ulrike Köhl (Fraunhofer IZI, Leipzig) and
DG-GT President: Boris Fehse (University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf)


Session I: Pre-clinical development I
Axel Schambach, Gerhard Behre

INV01- Michael Hudecek (University of Würzburg)
"New targets and technologies for CAR-T?"
INV02 - Hinrich Abken (Regensburg Center for Inverventional Immunology)
"CARs, TRUCKs and beyond: the next generation of CAR T cells"

OR01 - Jan Erik Meyer (Cellex Patient Treatment GmbH, Dresden)
"Switch-mediated costimulation in trans enhances the functionality of inducible universal chimeric antigen receptor T cells for safely redirection against CD123-expressing acute myeloid leukemia"
OR02 - Sophia Schreiber (Institute of Virology, Technical University of Munich / Helmholtz Zentrum München)
"Characterization of MHC class II-restricted T-cell receptors for T-cell therapy of HBV infection"
OR03 - Mario Bunse ( Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), 13125 Berlin)
"CAR-T cells directed against B cell surface antigens for the targeting of multiple myeloma and B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma "


Comfort break


Session II: Pre-clinical development II
Ulrich Hacker, Toni Cathomen 

INV03 - Michael Bachmann (Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf)
"Retargeting of immune effector cells: From BiTEs to theranostic modular universal CAR platforms "

OR04 - Stefan Grote ( Children's Hospital Tuebingen)
"Adapter chimeric antigen receptor (AdCAR)-engineered NK-92 cells: An off-the-shelf cellular therapeutic for universal tumor targeting "
OR05 - Jamal Alzubi ( Institute for Transfusion Medicine and Gene Therapy & Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency, Medical Center - University of Freiburg)
"A novel chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell approach eliminates prostate cancer in a mouse tumor model "
OR06 - Anna Christina Dragon ( Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Hannover Medical School (MHH))
"CAR-engineered T cells to control Epstein-Barr virus-associated tumors "
OR07 - Nicole Cordes ( Miltenyi Biotec, Bergisch-Gladbach)
"Adapter mediated transduction with lentiviral vectors: A novel tool for cell-type specific gene transfer"

Coffee break


Session III: Vector production and manufacturing
: Hildegard Büning,  Reinhard Henschler

INV04 - Klaus Kühlcke (BioNTech, Mainz)
"Development of optimized processes for vector production and T cell transduction?"
INV05 - Kai Pinkernell (Medigene, Planegg)
"Getting TCR modified T cells into the clinic: early manual process development with automation in mind."
INV06 - Ulrike Köhl(Fraunhofer IZI, Leipzig)
"Manufacturing challenge: CAR T and CAR NK cells for cancer retargeting"


Networking Reception and guided tour of Leipzig


Tuesday 17 September 2019


Session IV: Regulation
Chair: Boris Fehse

INV07 - Cornelie Haag (Technical University Dresden)
"Cell therapy reimbursement?"
INV08 - Nina Worel (Medical University of Vienna)
"Academic view on the involvement in commercial ATMP manufacturing performed by pharma“
INV09 - Matthias Renner (Paul Ehrlich Institute)
"Advanced therapies based on gene editing: Regulatory considerations and challenges?"


Coffee break


Session V: Clinical studies I
: Florian Lordick, Andreas Dietz 

INV10 - John Maher (King's College London)
Pan-ErbB CAR T-cell immunotherapy of head and neck cancer: phase I clinical trial
INV11 - Stephan Mielke (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm)
¨CD19 CARs: Bridge to allo or definitive therapy in r/r ALL and DLBCL?¨
INV12 - Hans Stauss (University College London)
¨Optimising TCR Gene Therapy¨
INV13 - Andrea Jarisch (University Hospital Frankfurt)
¨CAR-T-cell therapy in pediatric patients with ALL – The Frankfurt experience¨


Lunch and poster session


DG-GT General Assembly


Keynote: Ethics of CAR-T cells
Ulrike Köhl
INV14 - Christiane Woopen (University of Cologne)
"Ethical considerations on somatic gene editing"


Session VI: Clinical studies II
: Uwe Platzbecker, Stephan Fricke

INV15 - Winfried Wels (Georg Speyer Haus, Frankfurt)
"CAR-engineered NK cells: off-the-shelf therapeutics bridging innate and adaptive immunity"
INV16 - Christos Georgiades (University College London)
"Universal’ CAR T cell generation through multiplexed vector coupled and uncoupled base editing mediated deamination"?
INV17 - Chiara Bonini (San Raffaele Hospital, Milan)
"Genome Editing for Cancer Immunotherapy"

OR08 - Anne Sophie Kubasch (Department of Medicine I, Hematology and Cellular Therapy, Leipzig University Hospital)
"Single Agent Talacotuzumab Demonstrates Limited Efficacy but Considerable Toxicity in Elderly High-Risk MDS or AML Patients Failing Hypomethylating Agents "