DG-GT Pre-Congress Meeting

DG-GT was actively involved in shaping this year's ESGCT Annual Congress, which this year took place virtually from 19-22 October. As part of this, we organised a specific "German Day" session aimed at our members. We put together an interesting programme of "German" abstracts, and also offered our young scientists more opportunities to present their work. View the programme and session recordings below.

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09:00 09:15 Opening Toni Cathomen DG-GT President Welcome to the DG-GT morning

Session 1 - Cell Therapy
CHAIR: Axel Schambach

09:15 09:30 DG-GT01 Marcel Rommel Paul Ehrlich-Institute, Langen Targeting Therapeutic Proteins to Alpha Granules for Platelet-mediated Transport and Delivery
09:30 09:45 DG-GT02 Claudio Rodriguez-Gonzalez Hannover Medical School iPSC-derived macrophages from Cystic Fibrosis patients for infection models and drug screening platforms.
09:45 10:30 Keynote Tobias Rothoeft Klinikum Bochum Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa: The Bochum - Modena Experience
10:30 10:45 BREAK
Session 2 - Cancer Gene Therapy
CHAIR: Claudio Mussolino
10:45 11:00 DG-GT03 Lea Krutzke Ulm University Chorioallantoic Membrane tumour model for evaluating oncolytic viruses
11:00 11:15 DG-GT04 Naphang Ho Paul Ehrlich-Institute, Langen In vivo CAR T cell generation in humanized NSG-SGM3 mice
11:15 11:30 DG-GT05 Ann Christin Franke Hannover Medical School Towards a single-shot prime-boost AAV-based vaccine for cancer immunotherapy
11:30 11:45 BREAK
Session 3 - Safety
CHAIR: Boris Fehse
11:45 12:00 DG-GT06 Dawid Glow University Medical Center Hamburg LATE – a novel sensitive cell-based assay for the study of CRISPR-Cas9 related Long-term adverse Treatment Effects
12:00 12:15 DG-GT07 Julia Klermund University of Freiburg CAST-Seq discloses low frequency of chromosomal rearrangements in double-nickase based genome editing in primary human cells
12:15 12:30 DG-GT08 Antonella Bastone Hannover Medical School Development of a new all-in-one in vitro safety assay for gene therapy to detect lymphoid and myeloid insertional mutants
12:35 13:30 AGM

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