Die Mitgliedschaft in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Gentherapie e.V. (DG-GT e.V.) kann von allen Personen beantragt werden, die Fragestellungen der experimentellen und klinischen Gentherapie bearbeiten oder deren Bearbeitung unterstützen. Für Doktorenden/Innen und TA-Mitarbeiter/Innen, deren Gruppenleiter/Innen Mitglied der DG-GT e.V. sind, gibt es eine kostenfreie Mitgliedschaft.
Membership in the German Society for Gene Therapy eV (DG-GT eV) can be applied for by anyone who deals with issues relating to experimental and clinical gene therapy or supports them.
Registering for membership
DG-GT membership is open to all individuals who work in the field of experimental and clinical gene therapy, or support this work.  
Admission procedure
  • Download and return the completed membership application to the secretariat , with information on the field / focus and list of publications
  • If the application is supported by the board, the secretariat will set up membership in the member's profile 
  • Payment of the annual fee of currently 35.00 euros either by direct debit (online in your profile through SEPA -> Order History), direct debit (paper format), bank transfer (information on the invoice), or card (online in your profile -> Order History) . 
  • Admission (if no objection is raised by members within 4 weeks)

Application process
 - Return of your
completed application form to the society secretariat
 - After successful support by the Board, the membership will be applied to your profile and the invoice issued
 - Payment of the invoice (currently member fees are € 35) either by direct debit (electronically via SEPA), direct debit (
paper form ), bank transfer (details on your invoice), or card (online in your order history)
 - Membership is active (unless objected to within 4 weeks by the wider membership)

Free membership
For doctoral students and TA staff whose group leaders are members of DG-GT eV, membership is free. In addition to a curriculum vitae, representatives of the DG-GT eV advisory board will examine the application for membership and support it accordingly.

Complimentary membership for students
 - For PhD and TA-colleagues, whose PIs and members of DG-GT, membership is complimentary. References will be checked by members of the board. 

Annual fee
The DG-GT eV currently charge an annual fee of 35.00 Euro from each paying member.

Payable to: Commerzbank Freiburg, Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 251
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, DEUTSCHLAND
BLZ 680 400 07, Konto-Nr.: 148802200 
IBAN: DE28 6804 0007 0148 8022 00; BIC: COBADEFFXXX

Annual fee
The current fee is € 35 per calendar year, January to December,

Membership in the DG-GT eV is given until an informal, written termination is submitted to the DG-GT eV secretariat .

Membership will continue and thus automatically renew unless a written cancellation notice
by email has been received. Membership fees due for a calendar year cannot be refunded.

Please understand that for logistical reasons we cannot reimburse any contributions if you cancel.

Date posted Name / name Mitgliedskategorie / category Zugehörigkeit / affiliation
18/11/2021  Heinz David  Student  Anvajo

Any objections to any of the above named new membership are to be emailed to DG-GT within 4 weeks of posting new members.